Welcome to PTIRecycle!

PTIRecycle, for over 25 years, has been an independent, comprehensive, consulting partner to the global plastics, packaging and recycling industry.


Our all-in-one approach ensures rapid and accurate results. We can assist you in determining the recyclability of a resin, flake, additive, colorant, label or thermoform.


We can perform testing protocols for Bottle-to-Bottle, Bottle-to-Sheet, Bottle-to-Strapping, Bottle-to-Fiber and Thermoform Recycling applications.


Our results provide the critical information on how your new innovation might affect the performance attributes of recycle-content products.


APR New LogoAPR - The Association of Postconsumer Plastic Recyclers PTI has helped develop and follows the Applications Guidelines for Innovations protocols for its North American based clients.


Epbp LogoEPBP - European PET Bottle Platform PTI's European customers are provided guidance and testing services based on these protocols.



Napcor LogoNAPCOR - National Association for PET Container Resources is the trade association for the PET plastic packaging industry. PTI assists the members in promoting the introduction and use of PET packaging, facilitate its recycling and communicate the attributes of the PET container as an environmentally sustainable package.


Petcore LogoPetcore - PET containers recycling Europe, is a non-profit European association fostering the use and development of PET containers and facilitating both PET recycling and the development of recycled end material.